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What is an ISBN?

ISBN = A numbering system for books

When you enter an ISBN number, our search engine will examine millions of ISBNs in our database to find a match.

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What does ISBN mean?

ISBN means International Standard Book Number

Our comprehensive database includes books published in countries all over the world.

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Can one book have 2 ISBNs?

Understanding how multiple ISBNs are used for a single book title

Here's an example of 1 book that has 2 different ISBN Numbers.

This is because there are 2 different book formats -- 1 is hardcover and 1 is paperback.

9780297609377 -- hardcover version

9781780229072 -- paperback version

Where Can I Get An ISBN?

I'm an author and I want to self-publish my book.

Where can authors get an ISBN number?

Self-publishing authors can get an inexpensive ISBN Number + Free ISBN barcode from

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